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Identity Discovery

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Seeds of Discovery - Breeana Puttroff I was rather surprised with this story. I really didn't know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. Quinn is your average high school girl who is just trying to get through her homework, take care of her little brother and sister, and make sure her mom comes home to a happy household. Everything changes when she has a weird interaction with two boys that she kind of thought didn't even know she existed. The first was a long time friend of hers who is the son of her sister's babysitter. She goes to pick up her sister and Zander is there watching Annie instead of his mom. He has changed a lot since Quinn noticed him last. He has turned into a muscular and attractive guy instead of the small boy she played with. What she is surprised about is that he invites herto go to a party that night. Quinn is not the party type. She takes care of her family and concentrates on trying to do well in school. She is shocked and doesn't know what to say, but promises to talk to her mom about it.

The second event that that changes her life even more drastically than being asked out by a cute guy is when she's driving home from Zander's. She literally almost hits William with her car. William however doesn't even notice. It happens so fast and William is gone before Quinn even notices, that Quinn isn't even sure she really almost hit him. This starts Quinn's obsession with William even though it does appear that she just might be deeply interested in Zander. However, her life turns into a secret spy. She starts following William and purposely trying to run into him in order to see what he does all day. She even stalks him to the spot where she almost ran him over. This leads her to a place where he keeps mysteriously disappearing. She follows him literally to another world where she learns many new things. You will need to read the story to find out where she goes and what happens in this new world. I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading more about the new world than he life on Earth. I found the story intriguing and had trouble putting it down on my vacation. It's a great story for young adults and adults alike. I am looking forward to the next one!

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