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Witch Way Bends - Olivia Hardin Witch Way Bends is such an appropriate name for this story (you will have to read to find out why). Devan thinks she is just a normal woman with a very bad family. Her family seems to be into trafficking children for purposes that no one would approve, but she doesn't know the truth. What she knows is only half the truth. Yes they are trafficking children and yes you would not approve of the reasons, but the reason is supernatural instead of just sick. What Devan also doesn't know is that she has been used by the people that are fighting to take down her father's organization. They are witches/warlocks generally speaking and magicked answers out of her and made her forget her involvement. The problem is that she actually believes in their cause and really wants to put an end to her father's business s well as get even for the things she was forced to do.

Kent, the man in charge of the mission, doesn't even realize what he has gotten himself into by allowing Devan to just tag along. He feels this deep seated need to protect Devan all the time and to keep her hidden away, but she will not have it. Without knowing a lick of magic, she is able to convince Kent to not only take her along but let her in on the whole thing. At least she doesn't know that she actually used magic to do that. Kent didn't either because they cannot tell that the other is magical. Something keeps blocking them from that information. Only the shaman, Langston, can tell that Devan is truly a witch. It takes a lot of time to prove to her that she has powers and that indeed the supernatural world exists, but once the door is open, LOOK OUT! Devan will shock you with her capabilities and Kent will amaze you with his devotion.

Did I also mentioned that their are fairies and vampires involved in all this? Vampires are out to find and drain Devan. The fairies are trying to protect her. Why is there so much interest in a witch that seems to know nothing about her heritage? Will they bring down the organization? Will the children being sold ever find real homes? You will have to read to find out, but I will tell you that you probably will want to have book 2, Bitten Shame, ready when you finish. The story ends well, but leaves you wanting more answers.

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