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Taking Shots (Assassins, #1) - Toni Aleo I read this story after reading Trying to Score (Assassins, book 2), which I will have a review of next Wednesday for its own blog tour. You can read these stories out of order with very little problem with the exception of knowing a handful on of details ahead of time. I didn't know enough to ruin the story thankfully. That said, I enjoyed this book more than the second book. I actually read all 700 pages in less than a week because I was able to relate to the character way more than I expected.

Elli is a woman with a bad past. She didn't get in trouble with the law, she had a bad boyfriend that broke her heart. She got a thyroid disease that made her gain weight at an incredible speed. Her family (minus her dad, nieces, and nephews) have harassed her about losing the boyfriend and gaining weight to a point where it has left serious emotional damage. I can't relate to the part about how horrible her family is to her, but I understand what it is like to have had a long term boyfriend/fiance that made you give up everything that makes you you. To have the emotional abuse from that kind of relationship really screws you up for a long time. This story takes place six years after Elli hs left Justin, the terrible ex, and has met Shea Adler, the man of her dreams. I do mean that literally and figuratively. Elli is the niece of the Assassins (hockey team) owner Bryan Fisher. She has grown up with hockey as a major part of her life and when Shea Adler joined the team, she fell in love with him. She just won't call it love because of the scars she carries.

Shea falls in love with Elli almost instantly. She is pretty much the opposite of any woman he normally dates, but therein lies the attraction. She's not a tall skinny blond super model. She's described as being "thick" but not fat. She a brunette with green eyes. Her eyes are what Shea is immediately attracted to and he actually loves the little extra weight she has because it gives her curves and something to hold onto. A woman's dream right there. As she is constantly worried that Shea will change his mind about her, she'll suddenly get super fat again, or that her family will destroy her relationship, Shea is constantly proving to her that he loves the way she is and wants very desperately to move forward with their relationship as fast as possible. It's a a wonderful story and you will very much enjoy the ending.

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