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Intangible - J. Meyers This story has many character perspectives for you to read. It can be a little disorienting at first, but once you get used to the character shifts, it is very easy to read. J. Meyers does a great job of indicating when there is a change of perspective and it keeps flowing chronologically even when it bounces around. At first I couldn't tell that and was trying to wrap my mind around whether what was happening to one character was happening before or at the same time as something with another character. This is not the case and is much easier to read if you just don't think that things are happening out of order. Getting past that, I love getting the different perspectives from all the characters affecting the story. There is something that really helps you to understand the story when you get each character's motivation from switching perspectives. Some times it hinders and sometimes it is enlightening. This one is definitely enlightening.

You will read about the main characters, Sera and Luke. Also you get the perspective of Fey, their guardian and best friend; Marc, the bounty hunter; and Jonas, the vampire. These are the roles that you come to understand for each of them even if they change by the end of the story. Fey has been with Luke and Sera since they were born even though they haven't realized that she has always been present. She is absolutely gorgeous and I think Luke is in love with her. However since she is one of Luke and Sera's only friends, Luke doesn't seem to act on that desire. I also think that Fey may actually return that feeling, but can't acknowledge it because she's their protector. I am really interested to see what direction that goes in.

Marc on the other hand is the love interest of Sera. He has been sent by the Shadows to find the twins of the prophecy. He has no clue where to look, but he has the gift of hearing people thoughts. That is different from reading minds. Other people's thoughts enter his mind to and extent that he is incapacitated. He is alone and abandoned by everyone he loves. The Shadows have offered him a cure if he can locate the twins. Any reasonable person would do whatever they could to not suffer so much pain instead of a self inflicted death. What Marc doesn't expect is to find kindred spirits and maybe a love interest. This becomes a major part of the story, so I don't want to give away what happens. I was happy and disappointed all at the same time. It's an appropriate outcome though.

Finally Jonas. Jonas is played off as this evil vampire from Fey in the beginning. She definitely doesn't want her charges near him. He however ends up being the one vampire that retains some humanity. You will love the role he takes in this story. Honestly, I am cheering for Jonas to play a major role in future stories. You will need to read to find out more!

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