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The Vampire Relationship Guide: Meeting & Mating - Evelyn Lafont This is a very easy and quick read. I read it a while ago, but forgot to put up a review. In this story Josie is a wedding dress clerk. She also has this fantasy to one day sleep with a vampire. Oh yeah...Vampires are known to the world. They actually have affected the world to a point where there is legislation in place that forces businesses to be open 24 hours a day in order not to discriminate against the vampires in need of jobs. They take part in the US government, but they also have their own council. Unfortunately, the human world is still not very efficient in controller the law breaking vampires or even hunting them down once they have done something wrong. This fact is important because the job of one of the vampires in the story is to seek out and control the bad vampires. The story actually has two vampires involved and both are vying for Josie's affection once she actually puts herself out there to try to achieve her her fantasy. Let's just say that she does indeed get her fantasy and also more than she bargained for. Her world gets turned upside down with two vampires coming after her (in more ways than one) and she is left trying to not break their hearts as well as stay alive. It really is a fascinating story and one I thoroughly enjoyed. The ending is shocking and fulfilling. Definitely a good book for those vampire lovers out there.