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Taming the Wolf - Stephanie   Nelson I so love werewolves. I dare say that Stephanie Nelson has written a book that I might like as much and maybe more than Patricia Brigg's books (which are what started my love of werewolf stories). The start of this book explains how Anna Avery is turned into a werewolf. I have read some stories where werewolves cannot be made, only born, but this takes on your standard idea that if you are bit by a werewolf, you just might turn into one. I say might because the magic in the bite might not find you worthy and you will probably die instead of be turned. Anna is attacked while out running and Adam, alpha of her new pack, finds her almost dead on a mountain. Being the newest wolf in the pack, Anna is the bottom of the totem pole and given the daily chores that are necessary to keep the pack running smoothly as well as hidden from human society. She struggles with dealing with humans for no known reason and is therefore isolated from all human society as a safety for them as well as her. The biggest issue that Anna has is that she cannot bring herself to be completely submissive to Adam. She finds herself daring to look him in the eyes which no one is supposed to do. He catches her doing time and time, but doesn't punish her for it. Curious? I think so. Anna struggles with other acts of submission because she actually feels that she is equal to her alphas when she has only been in the pack for three months. She attributes this to her youth and that she just hasn't learned her place yet. Eve, the alpha female pretty much treats her that way too, but takes it as her place to put Anna in her place. This is the source of conflict in the story. I am not going to say how the conflicts takes action, but lets just say that Adam's fondness of Anna is at the source. It was an amazing book that I read in less than 24 hours. I just couldn't put it down and I really can't wait to see book two! The characters are fantastic and Stephanie Nelson's descriptions of the pack's lives leaves you with such a clear picture of what is happening that you will be so engrossed in the story that you will feel like you're a part of the action. LOVED IT!

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