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Bound to Remember (Spellbound, #1) - Lola James This is a very quick read with it's primary focus on vampires and witches. The main character, Toni, appears to be a human who is a doctor. She is paired early on with a new nurse in the ER and asked to teach him the ropes. Benjamin, also called Nurse Hero, is obviously interested in Toni and has an air of mystery surrounded him. However, he makes a mistake and asks Toni to stay the night at his house. If you have read anything about vampires, you will recognize him as a vampire pretty quickly, but it is neat to read how Tina reacts to the discovery.

After her discovery, you meet Toni's best friend from college, Annie. Annie is a witch and you will find out that her powers are quite extensive. I have a feeling she is going to play a pretty major role in books to come. She casts a spell on Benjamin to allow him to walk in the daylight. Yeah she's that kind of witch.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this book. It ends with a cliffhanger that will leave you wanting to get the sequel Unbound. The story line is far from complete in this book, but Lola James loves to leave you wanting more.

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