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The Black Shard - Victoria Simcox The Black Shard is the sequel to The Magic Warble (check out my review at http://www.identitydiscovery.net/2012/05/magic-warble-review-giveaway.html). Both stories are labeled as being for ages 9-13, but being that I am much older than that, I can honestly say it is wonderful read for 9 and up. It's 255 pages with two pictures per chapter. I found nearly every picture to enhance the story tremendously. What I mean by that is that the pictures seemed to be about and place at points where I might otherwise have trouble picturing what was being described. I am pretty good at picturing what is happening, but a younger reader will definitely love having the pictures to help them along.

About the story itself...Kristina is once again sent to Bernovem but she really has no idea how it happened this time. One minute she is falling down a hill and the next she is caught by her old (and dead I might add) bus driver in Bernovem. She is shocked and delighted when she sees Werrien standing in front of her. Is has been two years and five months since Kristina saw Werrien last, but it has only been a year in Bernovem. Prince Werrien is seventeen and more handsome than Kristina remembers. The majority of the story surrounds three things: Kristina's growing love for Werrien, her unusual sickness, and her apparent hallucinations. You will be left wondering what is really happening to Kristina and who is behind it all. I was guessing that pretty much everyone except the royal family could have been behind what was happening to her, but I was still shocked during the reveal at the end. My only complaint about this book is that it ended in a cliffhanger and I have no idea what's going to happen next! It was so well written that you will really be itching to get the next book to learn more. I know I am!

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