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Ciao - Bethany Lopez This is a very quick read. The third book in the Stories About Melissa series takes place at the beginning of Melissa's sophomore year. This year looks to be shaping up to start off really well since Melissa has had a group of friends over the summer that she is now very close to. She was friends with them previously, but their time together over summer has brought them together even more. Also, a new girl moved in down the street from her that became her newest friend. She just happens to fit in with her group perfectly as well.

The year is going pretty well until the newest member of the group, Cassie, admits to liking Jimmy. At the end of freshman year, Melissa was given the opportunity to start a relationship with either Jimmy or Brian. However, over the summer she was unable to decide between them because she did not want to risk ruining her friendship with either one of them. When Cassie admits her crush, Melissa is faced with the normal teenage pain of not wanting to see a guy she cares about with another girl, but not necessarily wanting to be with him either. Instead of standing in Cassie's way, she tries to give her blessing and starts dating Brian.

What you will not believe is when Melissa ends up losing a really close friend in a car accident. I am not saying who it is, but the way Melissa deals with it shows great strength of character. The event is going to change her and her group of friends forever. I felt it was handled very well and at one point I even shed a tear. I don't know of too many people who did not lose someone in either middle school or high school. It seems to be the natural order of things, but I was surprised when it happened in this story. Definitely worth reading, especially if you have read the first two.

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