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Biting Oz  - Mary Hughes Mary Hughes has a way of writing that will make you laugh and excited all at the same time. This is the second book of hers that I have read and both were definitely hard to put down. That said, you should now realize that this story can be read without having read the first four in the series. I am assuming that each book in the series is about a different character and while I may know a little bit about how the other stories end, I feel that nothing has been ruined about those stories.

This particular story was about Junior (really named Gunter Marie), who was trying to find a way to support her family business as well as have her own life. The reference to Oz in the name of the book is for the musical that Junior is desperately wishing will be liked enough to find it's way to Broadway. She plays three different instruments for the show at night and runs the Sausage store her family owns by day. I absolutely loved the sausage references in the story. It showed how dedicated Junior was to her family and the business, but it also provided some great comic relief. What Junior is not expecting is to run into a man that puts all others to shame (in her mind). She is instantly infatuated with him, causing her to screw up some of her parts in the musical during rehearsals. This man, Glynn, ends up being the "bodyguard" for Mishela, the star of the show also known as Dorothy. Mishela is a lonely star and uses the obvious attraction between Glynn and Junior to invite Junior and her friend Rocky to go for drinks. I think there is going to be a book in the future about Rocky and possibly Mishela, but that is only hinted. During drinks, Glynn practically bends Junior over a table to have his way with her. From that point on in the story, You get to experience the chase and denial of their attraction.

Their relationship is only part of the story though. The rest of the story is about a war brewing between two different factions of vampires. This war is looking to take place right in Junior's home town. She has to figure out how to keep true to her obligations, find a way to live her own life, learn to let love in, and save her entire town. You should read the book to see how it turns out.

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