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The Day of First Sun - Sheryl Steines Wizards, Vampires, and Fairies, OH MY! This book has a little of everything you like to read about in the paranormal genre. The main characters, Annie and Cham, are both wizards working in the Wizard Guard. Their job is to keep all the paranormal creatures under control and keep their world a secret from normal humans. In this setting, the realm of magic is hidden, mostly due to the Salem Witch trials from US History. This was not always the case, but before those days it was much easier to hide who you really were even with performing magic. However, now things must be contained and Annie and Cham (friends since they were nine years old, partners in the agency, and eventual lovers) are the best Guards out there keeping the peace.

The start of the story is all about Annie trying to capture Sturtgaard, an extremely old vampire. He had at one time kidnapped Annie's sister and tried to drink from Annie. This caused a mutual hatred of one another that fuels Annie's eventual capture of Sturtagaard. What they don't expect is that a very high profile case comes to them through the FBI that is linked to Sturtagaard. You would think that this would give them more fuel for the fire, but Sturtagaard knows when to talk and how to get what he wants. You can take a guess what ends up happening with him. This situation isn't completely without Sturtagaard getting some punishment.

The rest of the story revolves around the high profile FBI case that ends up nearly taking down the entire Wizard Council. This event is destined to happen on The Day Of First Sun, hence the title. This day is a special wizard holiday where the world is flooded with good magic that can be harnessed with the right artifacts and used for the destruction of the world. You'll have to read to see how this turns out. I found the book to be very interesting and exciting. I would have liked a little more of Annie and Cham's relationship to be explained, but I think that is probably going to happen in book two, She Wulf (which I will be reviewing shortly).

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