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Passion Creek (The Layton Family, #3) - Avery Flynn Josie is a waitress in Las Vegas who is trying desperately to escape her current life in search of the one she always dreamed of having. At one point in her life, she was a painter with a lot of promise until she was betrayed by her best friend. Her art was stolen right from under her. Her life was ruined. In her time of need, her twin brother Cy shared her pain and helped her to get back onto her feet. Now it is her turn to return the favor. On her last night as a waitress, Josie learns that her brother owes a loan shark working for the mob 40 grand. Her brother is no where to be found and the shark has turned to her for the money. "Snips," as Josie calls him, has two things he wants in payment for the money he loaned. He wants either the actual cash or Josie herself, a payment she is unwilling to provide.

Unfortunately for Josie, in her attempts at negotiation, Snips grabs her, invoking her temper and a swift kick to the nuts. Instead of being able to request more shifts to pay her brother's debt, she is out of work. The upside to her situation is that she decides to spend time in the bar of the casino and meets Sam, a history professor from Dry Creek, Nebraska. He just so happens to be gorgeous and smart. He also is from the very place Josie wants to disappear for few months at a painters retreat. They are instantly attracted to one another and fall easily into one another's arms. Is it destiny that Josie has met a man from the very town she intends to move to? Read the story to find out!

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