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Two Moons of Sera (Vol. 1) - Pavarti K. Tyler Some stories catch you right away. Two Moons of Sera is one of those stories. The file includes both parts 1 and 2, and when you finish them, you will be craving part three. Sera is a hybrid created from some kind of medical research done on her mother. Her mother is from a race of water-born (from eggs) people called Sualwets. They have a human body structure but they have no hair and can breathe under water. The other half of Sera's genetics appears to be Erdlander, but it is entirely possible that it isn't since we do not know the complete details of what was done to her mother.

Everything in Sera's life changes the day she meets Torkek. He appears to be an Erdlander to her since she had never met any person other than her mother and a few Sualwets. She is instantly intrigued with him and not just because she had never met a boy/man before. She finds herself thinking of him all the time and wondering when she will see him again. Luckily for her, it's not that long before her wish comes true. They spend an amazing day together that ends with her entire life being turned upside down when her mother is found dead. Tor (as he ends up being called) saves her from her grief only for them to find their way into the Erdlander society. Now they are learning (together) how to survive without letting anyone know that neither one of them is really part of their race. At the same time, they are learning that there's more to their instant friendship than they had originally thought. They lie to everyone saying they are Matched when they really have no idea what that means. by the end of part 2, I was pretty certain that they really are a Matched Pair, meaning they are something equivalent to soul mates. The question is just whether they are actually compatible physically since they aren't of one race, but two different ones.

You will be enthralled with this fast-paced and easy to real story. I loved it and cant's wait to read more!

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