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Bride of Fae - L.K. Rigel Bride of Fae is actually the second book in the series but I have been told that the plot actually takes place before book one. In other words, it is a prequel. I can tell you that I had a heck of a time putting this book down! I read it on my iPod in about three hours. L.K. Rigel has a masterful way of describing fairies and the world they live in. This story actually bounces between the human realm and the fae realm. Fairies come into the human realm on what we call Halloween where they play tricks and sometimes help out the human race. One Halloween, the fairies came to their most powerful fairy circle to celebrate and crown their new king, King Dandelion. However, the ritual was disturbed. Their sacred cup got into the hands of a human whom Dandelion cursed. The fairies have since been trying to reclaim the cup in order to save their race from their regent king's rule.

Beverly, the main human of the story, is a believer in the supernatural, at least angels since she firmly believes an angel has been watching over her most of her life. Her suspicions are confirmed when she makes a wish by a sacred tree that sends her back in time to meet Dandelion. They have an instant attraction to one another that is only broken apart by Beverly accidentally wishing herself back to the human realm. She discovers that she is truly in love with Dandelion and does what she has to in order to take care of her sister and try to find Dandelion again. What is surprising to Beverly and the other fairies is that Dandelion has fallen in love with her too. You will have to read the story to see what happens with their relationship. Will Dandelion and Beverly get to be together? Will Dandelion reclaim the fae cup? Will he become the king he was born to be? I will say I LOVED this story and can't wait to have the free time to read the first book in the series.

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