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The Marriage Bargain (Billionaire Games #1) - Sandra Edwards What would you do if you had the opportunity to marry a rich and famous person with the agreement that in six months the marriage would be dissolved AND you would become a multimillionaire? Me personally, if I had no other relationship ties, I would so do it. Camille Chandler is put in this exact situation with only one other stipulation. She answers to the wife-seeking ad in order to get a scoop for her magazine. Her dream is to write a column for some prestigious magazine. The problem came when her boss told her to accept the marriage proposal only to get the story and to back out of the arrangement the day before the wedding. Camille has way too much heart to do something so cruel just for a story. However, her boss sees that as an unforgivable flaw for a reporter. Camille quits her job as she is being fired and finds herself blacklisted. Now what should she do?

Camille finds herself agreeing to a marriage of convenience just to keep herself off the streets and to pay her bills. She doesn't expect to actually enjoy having the extra money. She doesn't expect to be attracted to Julian with a fever she doesn't know if she can deny. She also doesn't expect to be competing for his affection with the woman his father intended him to marry. What will happen over the next six months is a mystery. It's a unique story that will have you questioning what you would do to survive. It's very well written with great character development that will leave you wanting to read more of Sandra Edwards's works.

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