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Roots of Insight - Breeana Puttroff Quinn left Eirentheos at the end of the Seeds of Discovery. This book picks up with Quinn returning to school Getting back into Earth life is more difficult than she had anticipated. Before entering into the new world, she had struggled with trigonometry, but after spending ten days where she didn't have to think about school at all, she finds trigonometry to be more like a foreign language. She is saved by Zander, the boy she was discovering a blooming relationship with prior to her adventure. Zander starts helping her "catch up" on her homework even though he didn't know that the feeling she was suffering from was that she was behind. In reality she had only been gone for a single day and no one knew about her disappearance. She is also surprised by her mom with everything she needed for the Valentine Dance that Zander had asked her to go to, which she had forgotten.

Things with Zander develop into full blown boyfriend/girlfriend status in a short month where Quinn is absorbed into his world, but also trying desperately to maintain some kind of friendship with William. Zander shows his obsessive side not wanting to share Quinn's attention with William since he does not understand their relationship at all. Quinn is unable to tell him about William's world and how much she really wanted to go back. The decision to visit again is made when she receives a royal invitation to William's older brother's wedding. Life gets complicated trying to juggle friendships in two worlds as Quinn struggles to find her place in either one.

I have absolutely loved this series so far. By the time the end came, I was pretty certain I knew a key piece to the story, which was confirmed at the devastating cliffhanger. It is devastating just because I WANT MORE! I sooooo want to know what's going to happen next. It's a fantastic YA story that even adults can enjoy and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes reading about alternate worlds and fantasy.

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