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Owlet - Emma Michaels When I originally was asked to review this book, I thought it was about shapeshifters. That is not completely accurate though. It's a story about a seventeen year old girl who has been home schooled, living in a remote place away from other people. She has a very serious case of asthma that flairs whenever she gets too emotional or tries to do anything remotely strenuous. Due to her illness, she has a caretaker. Iris believes that the only reason that Diana is around her is because she is paid to be, but that can't be further from the truth. Through the story you learn that Diana is essentially Iris's aunt and that her father, Roger, had them secluded from the world because they would be hunted down and killed. Her life seems so simple, but the truth is about to come slamming into her.

Her life really starts when her dad sends to the island of her dreams (literally) to discover who she really is and to learn about her mother who up to this point Iris believed had died in childbirth. Iris has no idea that she actually had her mother in her life for quite some time because all her memories from early childhood are gone. I don't know why she has amnesia, but it appears that no one else knows either. Upon getting to the island, Iris's life changes completely. She meets a boy that she is immediately comfortable with and might even love at first sight. As soon as Falcon is allowed to be by her side, he swears to never leave her again. I did say again. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the island, but I don't want to give it all away. This is definitely a story you need to read to appreciate it. It's superbly written and hard to put down.

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