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I love reading and writing books. I am a book blogger, but I am also a published author, mom, wife, and homemaker.
Darby's Story: The Life of an Adopted Dog - Martha Steward Darby was a dog that the Steward family rescued from a shelter because Martha and her son felt that they needed to expand their family. Her son was six years old which gave having a dog the perfect opportunity to teach him some responsibilities. The entire book is pretty much a listing of their favorite memories of their fifteen years with Darby and ends with the unfortunate end to Darby's life. It is an inspirational story about how a family can grow to love a pet as an actual member of the family (which I can completely relate to). The story ends with some helpful tips from the author on how to handle grief and loss of a loved one (human or animal) which can be very useful to anyone of any age. I enjoyed the story. The only complaint I have is that the transitions between memories are somewhat lacking within the different sections. Every memory in a chapter is related to the chapter title, but I felt like when one memory ended and another began in a new paragraph, it could have been better conveyed by simply adding a space between the paragraphs.

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