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Bangle Bear: The Tale of a Tailless Cat - Martha Steward Bangle Bear is a rescued Manx cat. This story is all about how Bear, as she is primarily referred to, finds her forever home with the author. Martha Steward is no stranger to raising a variety of animals, but Bear is special. Being a Manx means she is tailless, has fur that feels like a rabbit, and is one heck of a hunter. The author tells us all about how her life changes to adjust to Bear's lifestyle. She also gives a few helpful tips on how to bring an adult female cat into a home with existing animals, how to treat common feline ailments, and how to have a happy loving relationship with your pet. It's a cute story that could be very inspirational to others. Her final message is to adopt and spay/neuter your pets. The only complaint I have is that the transitions between memories are somewhat lacking within the different sections. Every memory in a chapter is related to the chapter title, but I felt like when one memory ended and another began in a new paragraph, it could have been better conveyed by simply adding a space between the paragraphs.

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