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Destiny Unveiled - Laura DeLuca Destiny Unveiled is the second book in the Destiny series. As a part of this tour, I was supposed to read both books, but I sadly didn't have time. I read just this second book and will hopefully read the first one at a later date. I can therefore personally tell you that you can read this one and understand everything without reading the first. In my opinion, that makes it a pretty good story and series.

In this story, Gabriella (or Gabby) has just graduated high school after apparently a very traumatic senior year. Her coven, consisting of two actual witches and two wiccan mortals, are in celebration mode when Monte, Gabby's stepbrother introduces them to his boyfriend Adam. Adam's appearance coincides with the appearance of a strange elflike woman and a redheaded man. It also started these magical migraine headaches for Darron. There are a lot of coincidences happening and then a sudden inescapable mission that requires Gabby and Darron to accept their extended families. Gabby is placed in a position where she has to accept her long lost aunt and two unknown cousins. It's a story about magic, covens, family, and lost/discovered loves. You will enjoy the twist when Gabby meets her missing niece. I look forward to finding out about Gabby's padt and what is yet to be.

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