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The Accidental Siren - Jake Vander Ark
We all have either met girls or heard of girls that are so gorgeous that every girl wants to be just like her and every boy wants to own her. I am very serious about the word "own". She is the epitome of sweetness and beauty that you can't help but want to keep all to yourself. I have actually known two girls like this. As kids they always looked like they were ten years older than they were. They weren't devolped like a woman, but it was like a woman was trapped in this angelic body. The Accidental Siren is about a girl just like this. Every boy that sees her is instantly in love and it is rather obvious that adult males feel her allure as well. All the young girls want to be her best friend. Girls tend to have a little more resistance to her power, but even the strong fall.

Mara had lived a rough twelve years. James meets her when he tries to purchase a video camera from her "aunt" whom you will learn has a very interesting past. Upon their first meeting, James discovers boys watching her from nearby trees and videotaping as well. The reason for their leering? Mara has a voice that entrances everyone, young and old, when she sings. Hearing her songs once will leave you craving more like a cocaine addict. James finds this very interesting, but is even more shocked when Mara sends a note flying from her bedroom window to him asking to meet later in secret. He literally gets in a fist fight over the note from one of the stalkers. This is just the beginning of things to come during one of the craziest summers of James's life.

I must say that this was a very strange story, but I couldn't put it down. I, like the characters in the book, was entranced with Mara's seemingly supernatural abilities. I kept reading out of a kind of morbid curiosity of what would happen next and how Mara may have caused it. I felt a sort of jealousy over this girl because I always wanted to be like her. Of course when you get to the ending, you will understand why I am actually happy not to have been like Mara.

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