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The Ruins of Noe - Danika Dinsmore If you read the first book in this series, Brigitta of the White Forest, you know that this story is based on a fairy world where the main character Brigitta is a fairy destined to be a leader among all fairies. Brigitta's first adventure had her saving the lives of all the fairies in The White Forest from a curse of stone. Her adventure took her out of the White Forest (her magically protected home) and into the Dark Forest in search of an exiled fairy Hrathgar. Upon saving the White Forest, Brigitta learns that she has been destiny marked to be an Elder fairy on the fairy council. Her destiny is bound to make her life complicated and either full of adventure or boredom governing her world. She is torn on whether she feels like her destiny marking is appropriate for her of if she will somehow change her destiny in the days to come (having learned that destinies change as parts are fulfilled).

Coming into this second book, you learn that Brigitta is bound to lead a life full of adventures. Since she has left the White Forest and survived, she is now considered to have worldly experience. She is actually better equipped than all the other fairies to travel beyond the White Forest whenever the need arises. As it turns out, this story requires her to travel to the fairies' legendary home of Noe, which is now the Ruins of Noe after the Great World Cry (i.e. terrible cataclysm that drove the fairies from their home into the White Forest). Why on earth would Brigitta need to travel here? It appears that the Ancients (the original fairies who are with them in spirit) have adandoned the White Forest. Without the Ancients, the souls of the dead will not move on and new babies will be born without destinies, if any new babies are born at all. Brigitta must travel to the home of the Ancients to try to reconnect with them in order to gain their favor once again. She travels with her high Priestess Ondelle and quickly discovers that this trip really was something she should have done alone. They are captured the "left behind" fairies and Ondelle is imprisoned. It is up to Brigitta to find a way to save Ondelle, free all the fairies from their oppressive rulers so that they may go to the White Forest with their kin, and reconnect to the Ancients in order to save the White Forest yet again.

Brigitta learns a lot about herself along the way and finds that her destiny may be even more tumultuous than first imagined. Her big heart and compassion will lead her into trouble and help guide her in the right direction for all. While she is not able to save all the fairies in the Ruins Of Noe, she helps them find their true path. It is a great story. If you liked the first one, you will love the second one. I was left feeling like a third book is on the way and can't wait. Neither book ends with a cliffhanger, but I tell you what, the end of this book will give you goosebumps. I loved it.

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