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The Vampire Hunters (Book One of The Vampire Hunter Trilogy) - Scott M. Baker I have read a lot of vampire and werewolf books, but most of them fall into the romance category. The Vampire Hunters is not a romance, though there is a hint of romance buried in it. This story is based on the older non-romanticized vampires, i.e. it is a horror story. I normally do not like horror stories at all. This one intrigued me, and I have to say that I am happy to have read it. It was very well written and very entertaining without giving me nightmares. I notoriously have nightmares from anything (music, movies, books) from the horror genre.

The story is about two vampire hunters that were once Boston Police. After a high profile case that they discovered to be about a vampire and not a serial killer, they were forced to leave the force. However, their ability to handle/kill vampires drew the attention of some unknown and very powerful person. They were hired by the unknown person to go to Washington D.C. to wipe out a coven of vampires. Drake and Alison are slowly taking out vampires but no closer to finding the master until a reporter by the name of Jessica starts looking into Drake's background. Her investigation somehow spurs the vampire master to set up a trap to try to kill the hunters. Will this trap succeed? Will Jessica die in the process? Will Drake be forced to kill vampires for the remainder of his life? Why does a vampire hunter have a pet rabbit? All of these questions and more will be answered when you read this story.

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