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I love reading and writing books. I am a book blogger, but I am also a published author, mom, wife, and homemaker.
Waffles and Pancakes - Cindy Springsteen This is a very cute book about how you can be friends with people who are not the same as yourself. Yes it is about two boys and two hamsters, but one boy & hamsters is very well off and the other pair is not. Pancakes, the rich hamster, has everything you could possible want to give to your pet hamster. Waffles however, has the bare minimum. What Waffles has that Pancakes doesn't is a very attentive owner. As is common with people who have a lot of money, they also have a lot of things. Griffin, Pancakes's owner, has a lot of toys and pays little attention to Pancakes. When the two boys meet in school and discover a blooming friendship, a friendship also blossoms between the two hamsters. Danny, Waffles's owner, shows Griffin how to have fun with his pet and helps to change the pair's relationship forever. The story ends with a valuable lesson about how you can be friends with anyone and the things you have are not as important as the relationships you have. It's wonderfully written and great for all ages. The art is fantastic!

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