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The Silver Cross (Vampire Nightlife #1) - Debra L. Martin,  David W. Small The world has seen vampires, but they never have been around long enough for present day to believe they really exist. Damon is a vampire that has been around for approximately 400 years. Unlike other vampires though, he is stronger, faster, and can walk in the sunlight. What makes Damon so special? The silver cross he never removes has magical powers that stave off the vampire side of him. We don't get to find out everything the cross is capable of during this story, but it is obvious that there's more to come.

The main character of the story is Lacey Gardner. She is a detective in the Fringe unit for the Boston PD. If you were to meet her on the street, she's simply a cop. Her job is actually to hunt down vampires...all vampires because she feels that they are all evil. Her sister had been taken/killed five years ago by a vampire and never found. During her fight with her sister's killer, she was thrown against a wall and apparently continued to fight in an "unconscious" state. When she woke in the hospital, details of her battle came back to her and you will be surprised by what happened. No she isn't a vampire...exactly.

So what happens to Lacey and Damon? They meet, they are instantly attracted to each other, and then it all falls apart. How can a cop with a vendetta to kill vampires ever accept a vampire as not evil and a part of her life? You will have to read to find out!

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