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Vampyrnomicon - Scott M. Baker The tale of Drake the vampire hunter continues. This story has a little more horror in it than the first. There were a few scenes that I thought to myself, "Oh my god...How does someone think of that?" However, every single scene like that made perfect, dare I say, even logical sense for how the vampires would actually act. I was surprised by the turn of events. When book one ended, the vampire coven in Washington had been nearly annihilated leaving behind a single master vampire who had been horribly deformed. Since vampires heal many times faster than humans, it was questionable if our hunters would be healed enough to continue going after Toni, the master, before she completely rebuilt her coven. Despite their injuries, our hunters healed rather well and began their assault on the coven home where they exterminated the new vampires, but not the master. She was no where to be seen. Why was that? More masters heard of their failure and came to town to take over rebuilding the vampire population in hopes of gaining control of the entire city.

While the new vampires are building their strategy, Drake's good friend and self proclaimed vampire expert, Reese, comes into to town in search of the Vampyrnomicon. This is a legendary book that is supposed to contain the only way to permanently kill all vampires from existence. However, the book also contains information on how vampires could take over the world. It becomes the hunters's goal to get this book before the vampires get word of it. Will they find the book? What will happen when Drake and his crew discover that they no longer face a single master but instead five masters? Through all the mess will Allison finally admit to Drake that she is madly in love him? Read to find out!

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