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UnGuarded - Ashley Robertson Demons, Angels, and Vampires, OH MY! This is the second book by Ashley Robertson that I have read, and I have to say that I really enjoy her writing style a lot. I had a really tough time putting it down. The story is about an angel named Selene. She is assigned to a human to guard. All guardian angels are given a human that they watch and similarly there is a specific demon that is normally assigned to that human as well. As long as the human doesn't do terrible deeds, they will join the light and their angels will fight all the more harder for them. As they do evil things and give in to the darkness, the demons trailing them gain more control. In these situations, the angels are sometimes pulled and reassigned. This is something that plays a key part in the story.

What makes Selene so different and special from other angels is that she is in love. Angels are capable of endless love which is supposed to be and normally is for their charge. Selene loves her charge, but she also loves a vampire. Vampires are considered part of the dark and are expected not to have the capacity to love. Selene learns otherwise and is faced with losing the love of her life forever or losing her charge. It's similar to choosing between your child and your spouse. Which is the right decision. No one really knows. She has to make deals with demons and risks falling from heaven. Will she be able to save both her charge and her love? Will she fall from Grace in the process? What happens when an angel shares blood with a vampire? These are all questions you can learn the answers to by reading this fantastic story.

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