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Power Play - Emily Cale This book is considered an erotica which means it is not for anyone under 18. It's only 37 pages long so it is a very fast read. I would say this is something you would want to read to just put you in the mood for other pleasures. It is extremely well written and very hard to put down. Natalie is a lawyer who has accepted this blind date set up for her by her friend TJ in response to Natalie having done the same thing for TJ. It worked out so well for TJ that she wanted to give Natalie a chance to experience the same bliss that she had felt. What TJ didn't know was that this night of fantasy was going to truly be something Natalie fantasized and had previously though was impossible. Natalie wanted to be with two men instead of one, so she had to change the date after TJ set it up (and without her knowledge) in order to fulfill her fantasy. You see, Natalie really expected this to be a one night stand and would never feel compelled to see the men again. What she didn't expect was that the duo she faced would be able to give her more pleasure than she had ever experienced. They were so good that she had no desire for this to ever end. I am not going to spoil the ending for you, but I will say I thoroughly enjoyed this story even though I have no such fantasy as Natalie did.

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