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Dominion (Book Three of the Vampire Hunters Trilogy) - Scott M. Baker Book three in the Vampire Hunters trilogy starts off with our heroes healing from their most recent battle and hashing out their plans to take find the new covens that the four/five vampire masters are creating. This story focuses on the eventual discovery of the Vampyrnomicon which we read about in book two and it's instructions on how to kill the daywalker Chiang-Shih. The vampires are also in search of the book in order to learn how to turn all vampires into daywalkers for total world domination. Who will find the book first? will Drake and his ever expanding crew of hunters be able to find the book first and destroy all of the vampires? Or will the vampires discover it first and take control of the world?

Let's just say that things definitely look really bad before they look even slightly good. The book is found and both parties discover the truth behind the vampire mysteries. Drake loses two very good friends and his girlfriend (to her job), learns who his unknown rich benefactor is, and eventually tells Allison of his love for her. The vampires will in the process destroy all of Washington, D.C. Hunters are killed and the end of the world draws near. I really don't want to give away too much because this story had shock after shock right from chapter one. It's was thrilling and very fast paced. Definitely a suitable ending to probably the best horror series I have ever read.

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