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Shifting Pride - Laura Diamond This book was a pleasant change of pace for me. I love cats and so far have loved any werecat shifter book I have picked up. This particular story took me about eight hours to read. In the beginning you may be a little confused, but the main character Nickie is very confused. You get pieces of the puzzle fast enough to realize that Nickie is not ordinary and perhaps the people she surrounds herself with are not normal either. Her dad is missing, a new boy moves to the neighborhood whom is driving her crazy mentally and physically, her mom seems to willing to accept that her dad is probably dead, and to top it off, she's getting weird notes in different hand writings tell her conflicting things while always trying to convince her that she might be a werecat. How odd is that?

Well I absolutely loved the story. There were several twists that kept me wondering what would happen next. The biggest surprise came at the end. It's not a cliffhanger so don't think that is the surprise, but I was left with one big question that I hope means there will be a second book. I can tell you that there is a prequel to Shifting Pride called New Pride. As soon as I find time to read it, I plan to.

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