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Millicent Marie Is Not My Name - Karen Pokras Toz I really enjoyed this story. I found it very interesting to see how Millie reacted to finding her diary turned into a blog. She was very lucky that in her diary she never used people's real names. You may ask yourself, "Why would a 6th grader not write real names in her own diary? It's not like she was planning to let someone else read it." That's a good question. It's one I have as well and honestly cannot answer other than when I was that age, I was always afraid of who might accidentally get a hold of my diary. I used real names in mine, but I can see how that fear just might make someone want to keep names out of even their private writings. Brother's are a strong motivating factor when they are in the same school as you.

I found it also very neat to think about a 6th grade girl with a blog. What would one write about? They probably would mostly write about the happenings of school. The idea that someone from school actually found her blog and then everyone in her grade began reading it was a little out there for me. I know I have had to work hard to increase my readers at times, so how did it become so popular within her own school overnight? The best part of this popularity though is what she actually does to help people with it. She learns a lesson on what it's like to be bullied and what it is like to be the bully. Seeing that both situations are wrong is a huge step for her. She discovers that bullies don't happen overnight and that there is normally a very real reason for their behaviors. This story is put into a perspective that I think will help kids understand how to deal with bullying a bit better than some books that just say, "Don't bully." I will definitely be keeping it in mind if I hear of anyone in need of that sort of help.

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