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Davey the Detective - Emlyn Chand, S. Shaw Bird Brain books all tell a story from a bird's perspective in order to teach some lessons. In this story, Davey finds a paperclip and hides it in his nest right before bed. This is a characteristic of certain birds where they hoard shiny objects. When Davey wakes up, he digs through his nest for his treasure only to find it missing. Instead of calmly looking for it he decides that his treasure must have been stolen. He uses this as an opportunity to become a detective, something he has always dreamed of doing. He acquires a sidekick and goes in search of his lost paperclip. During his adventure, they accuse a completely innocent deer of being a thief without any real evidence. They also assume a squirrel is guilty and sneak into his home at night, destroying his stacks of nuts and scaring him in his sleep. The result of these assumptions is that Davey's sidekick finds his paperclip in Davey's nest right where he left it. You may be wondering what lesson a kid might learn from this story. I see a couple of lessons here. When you assume you make...Oh you probably know the rest of that one. Never trespass. Never accuse someone of something you aren't certain they did. The end of the story tells us that Davey learns the value of a real friend as well. Of course if you haven't read a Bird Brain book before, you really need to check out the art. The illustrations are always cute and sometimes humorous as well.