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I love reading and writing books. I am a book blogger, but I am also a published author, mom, wife, and homemaker.
Honey the Hero: A Bird Brain Book - Emlyn Chand Honey is a parakeet living in Australia. She is a very adventurous bird who loved to watch everything around her. One day she sees a family watching a movie about a super hero and decides that she wants to be a super hero too. The adventurous bird flies around the outback trying to help other animals only to fail three times. However, the lesson of the story shines through here to show kids that you shouldn't give up and that even though you are small, it doesn't mean you can't help others. Honey is finally able to help a baby dingo making her the hero of the day. It's a cute story to help kids learn to never give up on their dreams, to be persistent, and size doesn't matter. As always, I love the cute art in these Bird Brain books.