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Desires Unleashed - D.N. Simmons This is a hot book. The title really covers the underlying theme of the entire story while the main story is about a series of supernatural murders. In this world, supernatural creatures have been revealed/discovered. They didn't want to be known to the public, but people with a lot of power figured out they existed and shared it with the rest of the world. Humans have been very violent towards them. However, supernatural creatures have retaliated which has brought about four new laws to defend both the human race and supernatural races. This has also resulted in the creation of S.U.I.T., a special team of cops with divisions in every state who investigate anything deemed supernatural. Two of the main characters of the story are from the S.U.I.T. and are searching for the illusive murderer who seems to be able to hide all evidence while leaving a only a headless body.

The other main characters are Natalie, Annette, Darian, And Xavier. Darian and Xavier are very wealthy vampires while Annette is an ex-stripper in Darian's club, and Natalie is Annette's best friend. You will learn that Natalie is very special and plays a key role in helping find the murderer. The relationships between all of these characters are very interesting and personally will leave you blushing. I have not read anything that had actual guy on guy content previously, but this book is pretty full of it. It was eye opening for me. I can't say I was crazy about it because I prefer to think that my supernatural men will actually want me more than their best guy friend. However, this was very well written and if you are into that sort of thing, you will love it.

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