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Magical Redemption - Nicola E. Sheridan I have read all of Nicola E. Sheridan's books and I have to say that I just can't get enough. I wish she had 50 more for me to read. This is the third book in the Magical Series which focuses on the life of a genie named Jinx and a demon spawn named Lucian. Lucian was in the second book of this series and if you read it, you will be thinking that he must be the bad guy in this book. Don't let your feelings about Lucian keep you from reading this one though! Even a Demon Spawn can learn to change.

Jinx, the main character, has been cursed with the genie curse in an effort to keep her alive as well as placate her betrothed's family. You see, Jinx fell in love with someone other than her betrothed and conceived a child. In child birth, she nearly died. Her father cursed her in an effort to keep her alive, but afterwards handed her bottle over to her betrothed's family. She has spent 14 years of being passed around and humiliated for her betrayal. While travelling with her soon to be ex-master, her lamp is stolen and brought to Lucian. He is imprisoned and needs her lamp to set himself free. The simple act of freeing him sends her life spiraling out of control as she tries to avoid the magical mafia, keep herself alive, keep Lucian alive, and above all, not end up in the hands of this horrid Bomoh whom obviously wants her for his own disgusting desires.

I LOVED this book. Like I said before, I want more. I had trouble putting it down and had one of the fastest hour of cardio ever because the story had me so engrossed that I actually forgot I was exercising. I cannot give it enough praise nor can I beg everyone that reads this review enough to go BUY THE SERIES!!!