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The Magic Warble - Victoria Simcox This story initially takes place on Earth where Kristina is living a rather lonely life other than having her pet rat, Raymond. She loved school and tried her best to do well. One of Kristina's teachers gives her a Christmas gift that ends up being the entire focus of the story, The Magic Warble. The best way that I can describe the object is that it is a metal marble that changes color as it gets closer to its destiny. Kristina and anyone who has come in contact with the Magic Warble or its container, are transported to Bernovem. It is a world where fairies, dwarfs, gnomes, and monsters are a reality, as well as talking animals. By being the one person with the Magic Warble, Kristina is deemed to chosen one who will save all of Bernovem from the evil pretender queen, thus restoring the rightful king, queen, and prince to the royal court. During her journey, she discovers that the fairy tale creatures she once thought weren't real, are very much in abundance here. She is shocked when the true prince's horse talks to her and the importance of Fairy Blossom to keeping the world alive and thriving. She journeys across the country to restore the Magic Warble to its proper resting place. Along the way she goes from being a child that has very few friends to having them in abundance with the inclusion of Prince Werrien. He becomes the best friend she has never had and never wants to be without again. This is not to be forever though. That is the only sad part of the story. She ends up having to eventually return to her old life without any friends since her pet rat Raymond decides to remain in Bernovem where he is a valued member of the culture with a very real voice. You will be entranced with the world of Bernovem. Victoria Simcox does a wonderful job creating a fantasy world appropriate for ages 9-13 that is also entertaining for adults in a childlike way. I think any child that enjoys reading fantasy will be thrilled to get this book.

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