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River Marked - Patricia Briggs I haven't written any reviews of any of Patricia Briggs's books, but I have decided that any book I read gets a review now. I have all of the Mercy Thompson series and let's just say that her books are the reason I am reading as much as I am. I picked up the first one while I was pregnant with my son and then searched high and low for all the rest. I am a book behind, but happy to have finally found time to read this one.

This book starts off with Mercy Thompson and Adam Hauptman finally getting married. After reading about the mutual dislike (i.e. complete infatuation) of each other for five books, it was about time the two finally had a happy ending. Of course that isn't really the case since the wedding was at the beginning of the book. Instead this book focuses on the honeymoon. Now before you go thinking that it will be full of hot steamy scenes, Patricia Briggs doesn't write like that. There's enough for your imagination to get started. Their honeymoon has been arranged by a couple of friends who just happen to be Fae. If you have read any of the other books, you know that the Fae never do anything for free. This is a very odd situation, but it brings Mercy to her "father". She sees his ghost and learns all about her creation. It's something she has always dreamed of discovering. She learns a lot more than that though! She finds herself fighting for her life against an ancient evil. I am not going to tell you about this battle, because you should read it for yourself.