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Closure - Kim Carmichael I don't read a lot of eroticas just because I haveso many other books on my list to read, but I have been helping Kim Carmichael promote her book Closure for a few months now. I have been doing this without having read it because I know she is a great author. As soon as I had a good day to start reading Closure, I did and I literally did not stop reading it until I was finished with it. Closure is a story about a girl who is given a chance to tie up some loose ends from high school as well as teach someone a lesson.

Riley had been a Goth girl before it was cool to be one. She hid herself behind her white make up and wild hair, though she really wasn't hiding anything. This was her true self, but people didn't dress like that back them. She was unique and Mike fell in love with that about her. Her tutored her, fell in love, and asked her out. She of course said yes, but when the date came around, he never showed up. The next day at school, he unwillingly humiliated her which caused her to completely disappear. This had such a drastic impact on her that after graduation, she completely changed her appearance and her name.

Many years have gone by and they have been thrust together by pure chance, only Mike doesn't know that Riley is his lost high school love. Riley of course knows exactly who he is. She uses this to her advantage to completely torture him while finally getting what she always wanted in high school. This is the point that I will not share any more of the story. One reason is because I cannot do it justice in my summary. Another reason is because my blog is family friendly and the content of this story is definitely adult. If you enjoy adult stories, this one is a very quick read and definitely worth it!

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