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Give Me: A Tale of Wyrd and Fae - L.K. Rigel I am completely in love with the world that L.K. Rigel writes about in her Tethers series. I read/reviewed Bride of Fae (Book 2) back in September. Book two actually tells part of the story that happens before Give Me so they can be read in any order. You will get glimpses of something from the other story in each one, but nothing that will ruin either.

This story is about Lilith, a girl who was raised by her terrified mother and spent her whole life trying to take care of those around her. She never really did much for herself. However, her life is about to change. She is certain her boyfriend is going to propose to her, but alas...He tells her he's been cheating on her and has actually proposed to the other girl. Out of guilt, he gives her a check to pay back all of the money she had given him to put him through college. What's a girl to do when you have no one, a broken heart, and a check for thousands of dollars? She decides to take a vacation which has been spurred on by crazy dreams. She finds herself flying across the globe to Europe where she runs into a soon-to-be lord that she is instantly attracted to, starts seeing ghosts, and finds herself inexplicably drawn to their local tourist trap. What she doesn't know is that the tourist trap, called The Handover, isn't really a tourist trap but rather a trap for just her. She learns that she isn't alone in Dumnos. She learns to love herself as well as one very unusual man. She also finds out who she really is. How all this happens is up to you to find out! I will say I read the book in a single afternoon and I loved it. I sooooo want to go to Dumnos myself now.