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Nate Rocks the World - Karen Pokras Toz Nate Rocks the World is a children/YA book. I previously reviews Nate Rocks the Boat back in December which is actually the second book in the series. You get a glimpse at what will happen in book two of what happens in book one, but really you can read them in any order.

Nathan is the primary character in the story, but when he daydreams he becomes Nate Rocks. This happens pretty much any time he is writing/drawing. In this book, Captain Asteroid, the comic superhero he follows currently, shows up time and time again to get Nate to do things he didn't think possible. His imagination runs rampant creating scenarios where whatever he has been doing before the day dream morphs into a situation where a hero is needed and only Nate can solve the problem. It's your standard ten year old day dreams really. What makes the story unique is that by the end of the book, Nathan is actually called to save his sister and her friend from drowning in the ocean. Nate Rocks doesn't make an appearance, instead Nathan is all the hero that is needed. It's a cute story that a young boy will definitely relate to and love.

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