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Second Nature - Elizabeth Sharp Elizabeth Sharp has done it again! Another wonderful book! If you read the first one, you know that Amelia ended the first story being married/mated to her high school crush and had barely escaped a human turned witch's horrible desire to rid the world of Otherworlders. Her brother and sister use their unique demon powers to help defeat the wannabe witch and the story appears that things are looking up for the Hoffman siblings. As this story starts though, you soon realize that Amelia and Nate (though possibly destined to be together) are not as happy as they should be. They were WAYYYYYYY too young to be married and mated. Amelia was only 16 and Nate is 17 or 18. You feel like the perfect pair is a girl's worst nightmare as Nate keeps drifting further and further away with no good explanation other than not being ready to settle down. Of course you can't blame him really since two Gaia are mated as soon as they kiss with the intentions of that kiss being more than a simple kiss. Their life forces are tired together because they gave into to temptation. It puts a whole new meaning to being chaste until your wedding night. However they never take their relationship forward even one bit because of Nate's disappearing acts. Amelia learns to hate him for abandoning her even though she still has her brother and sister.

All of this brings us to a point where she meets an angel while running from her problems. I do mean a literal angel but not the type you would normally picture. You need to read the story to understand how angels fit in this world. Amelia's world is turned upside down by the feelings she thinks she has for Dylan, the angel, and also by Peter's discovery of her family. Peter is the husband (and true warlock) to the wannabe witch from book one. He's out to destroy Amelia and her family at any cost. This is the focus of the story. How does Amelia deal with love lost, new love found, and a raging psychopath trying to kill everyone she loves? And did I mention a prophecy about Mother Nature returning to earth to either destroy it or bring the Otherworlders into peace time? Yeah there's that too, but you only get a glimpse of that and know that there must be a third book on the way where the prophecy will unfold.