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Thorns of Decision - Breeana Puttroff This is a fantastic YA series. I read the first two books for tours and was disappointed when more tours for the rest of the series didn't come up. I ended up getting this book and have been waiting for an opportunity to read it. It took about eight hours of interrupted reading,but I loved every minute of it. Now I am looking at the next two books in the series, wondering when I can find time to read them as well.

The story is about a girl named Quinn who in the first book discovered a gate to another world by spying on William, a boy from her high school. She learns that William is not from Earth, but has been spending time in her world in order to learn modern medicine. Her own curiosity won over her better judgement. She found herself in Eirentheos, William's world. Throughout book one and two, Quinn learns a lot about who she is and who she wants to be. She also learns that there is something her mother has been keeping from her when she goes home to find her mother waiting next to the gate. This book is all about that secret. Quinn finds out that she has a deeper connection to William's world than she ever imagined possible. She is pointed in the direction of ending her relationship with a boy on Earth because of all the lies she has been telling people, but also because she is starting to have feelings for William. Author Breeana Puttroff has you on the edge of your seat wanting to know exactly what is going to happen between Quinn and William. Her descriptions of young love will have your heart pumping as hard as if you were reading an adult romance novel. It's is endearing, innocent, and something we all dream about feeling. Their blossoming love will lead you further on a journey of discovering what the future will hold for Quinn. Will she decide to remain in Eirentheos or return to Earth? Will she choose announce her courtship to the prince or leave behind all the people of his world she has grown to love for the family she grew up with? I promise that when you are finished reading this book, you will want more!

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