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Easy Bake Coven - Liz Schulte I received this as an ARC.

Liz Schulte is an amazong author. She has a way of writing that makes you desperately want to meet her characters in person and really feel like you know them. Easy Bake Coven is about a woman who believes herself to be a witch. She grew up with a telekenetic ability that her grandmother made her suppress as much as possible. Selene had always felt that her grandmother thought that he ability was bad. She used religion to hide her true feelings in order to keep Selene hidden from those that would use her for their evil means. In reality, Selene is so much more than a human who can move things with her mind. She has abilities that she never knew she had because she had suppressed them for so long. She also had no idea that there was a gorgeous elf named Cheney just waiting for her to grow up. Why you might ask? Well Selene is actually a changeling and Cheney the man she had loved before becoming one. Liz Schulte gives you an idea of what a changeling could be without the traditional belief that a woman's baby is killed in the process. Look up changelings and you will see what I am talking about.

I will be honest, I am 93% finished with the book, but it is not because it is hard to read or anything like that. I have been doing a lot of work in my house that has prevented me any time to read or write really. I will have finished this story in the next 24 hours because I am having a tough time putting it down! I desperately want to know more about Selene and Cheney! Thank goodness Hungry, Hungry, Hoodoo is out so I can actually read more about them.