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Endless (King, #4) - Tawdra Kandle I love this series. Tawdra Kandle has an amazing way at writing YA in such a way that it is not only appropriate, but completely believable. This is the fourth book in The King Series, of which I have read them all. At the end of Restless, book three, Tasmyn and Michael return to their amazing relationship which was temporarily ended in the story. Tasmyn happened to hear Michael think thoughts that indicated he doubted that they were really meant to be. This resulted in Tasmyn's downward spiral in which she started dating Rafe (or using), learned how to access the elements with magik but not how to control them, cause Marica Lacusta to go insane, and nearly killed Nell.

In Endless, Michael and Tasmyn are together and working through everything that happened when Michael was out of the picture. Tasmyn is also seeing a special psychiatrist who is supposed to help her learn how to control her newest powers. This is perhaps the primary focus of the entire book. Tasmyn ends up working for a company called Carruthers who finally is able to teach her how to control her many abilities. She is also sent out under cover to use her gifts to help other people. This is a dream come true for Tasmyn. Michael diligently stands by her side, forgiving her for her previous actions and supporting her newest decisions. But what will happen when Tasmyn is called to an assignment involving Nell's father? Will she and Michael finally consummate their relationship? Will they decide to take the next step and get married? You'll have to read to find out! It's well worth finding out as well!

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