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Chasing the Witch - Jessica  Gibson If you have not read this series, I recommend you start with my review of Mark of the Witch. It had been a while since I read the first book. I have been sitting on book two waiting for a break in my book tours so that I could dig into this one without feeling rushed. I was impressed with how I didn't feel like so much time had passed. It was very easy to get back into the story and it flowed from book one very nicely. I will say that I felt like it was a little predictable most of the time, but there are a few twists that will surprise you.

This story actually has the return of Sabine, the Amaranthine that caused so much trouble for Jilly in the first story, only this time she isn't interested in Jilly. She is trying to get to Caroline, Jilly's sister. We have no idea what she wants her for, but you will probably have that figured out by the end of the book. Sabine is also trying to get Katya, another Amaranthine and a witch that is friends for Jilly and William, and a young girl named Hannah. Hannah is a new character that Jilly and William end up searching for in London, finding, and trying to help her get her life back in order. Hannah has lost all her family and doesn't understand why spirit wraiths are after her. William and Jilly take her in with the intention of making her part of the family. They have no idea how true that will really be. So what happens with Sabine? Is she working for William's evil brother Patrick or some other unknown person behind the scenes? Why is she collecting witches/Amaranthines? Will William and Jilly survive long enough to get married? These questions will mostly be answered. Read to find out more.

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