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Love and Blood (Blood Ties, #1) - Jessica  Gibson I have read several books by Jessica Gibson at this point. Normally I would rate her books at least a 4 out of 5, but I really felt like I was missing a lot of information in this one. Of course, I totally forgot that while this is book one in the series, she did go back to write a prequel. Probably if I had read that one first, I might not feel the way I do about this one. I just felt like I needed more history about why Bronwyn was running from Ronan through this book and why she was with Rider. All three of them are vampires. Ronan is Bronwyn's sire. She had been completely in love with him until one day she met Rider and ran away with him. That's pretty much all you know until this story starts fifteen years later. This book is all about Bronwyn trying to decide between Rider and Ronan, two men she is completely in love with but she finds herself sharing her bed with both of them (not at the same exact time). She picks one man. She tells the other to leave, but he refuses. His constant vigilance gives her reason to believe that maybe he really does love her.

In the midst of her trying to pick one man, her friend Carly, a werewolf, ends up needing help with her own male problems. Bronwyn and Rider end up coming to the aid of a group of werewolves as the pack fights among themselves in a dominance/justice battle. This part of the story really felt like it could have been fleshed out into another book. I guess it just seemed a little out of place even if it's result is what determined the decision that Bronwyn ultimately would make.

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