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The Golden Apple of Discord (The Discord Trilogy) - Lauren Hodge A story that is completely different from the other stories out there. It's about a coven of witches turned into wanted vampires. The four women are part of a witch heritage that they were completely unaware of until they were forced to seek refuge with their father. Their mother died during childbirth of the youngest two. She was the witch and after her passing, their father had no way to teach them how to be witches. He didn't worry about it too much due to their powers being blocked. As they went off to college, the Milunfra revealed to them that they had powers that could be used to vanquish evil. This path led them to their ultimate destiny, to become vampires which they had no clue even existed.

It was a very interesting story. It is book one in a trilogy and I am very curious about what will happen to the girls next. Tara, the oldest sister and technical leader of the coven, has powers beyond anyone's imagination and she isn't even using all of them. I want to know what happens when the dam is broken and she has access to everything in her arsenal. I should say that there are some vampire love interests that I felt happened a little too fast for some of the girls, but the author did explain that things tend to happen fast for vampires. I was very pleased with how things happened with Tara and her beau. It's well worth reading.

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