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All For Hope - Olivia Hardin I have loved every book by Olivia Hardin that I have read. This story is different from the others that I have read being that it is contemporary romance instead of paranormal romance. Losing the aspect of the paranormal certainly did not pose as a challenge for her though. She created a scenario that is very possible in the world that we live in and draws the reader into the story. You develop a connection with Hope where you find yourself hoping for her to find a way to keep the baby she steals and to settle down into a real life. The reason that Hope is in this situation is that the people who were awarded custody of the baby had shady past. The baby's real mother begged Hope to get her child away from her parents, whom she claimed her father had done things to her as a child that I will not repeat. Hope promises and is obligated to take matters into her own hands instead of waiting years for the courts to reverse their decision on custody. She kidnaps the baby and fakes their deaths. The problem comes when an ex-boyfriend, Brennan, sees her, recognizes her, and digs into what is going on with her. Brennan, however, takes it upon himself to get involved by helping Hope escape the authorities. In the process, he falls in love. I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

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