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Crushing - Elena Dillon I don't read lot of murder mystery types, but this book intrigued me. I was not disappointed either! I started reading it and had it finished in less than 24 hours. I just had to know who was behind the kidnapping and killing of the teenage girls. I also had to know who Rory would choose to be her boyfriend. With three guys fighting for her affection and her ability to be completely oblivious to how strong their affections go, you will be on edge trying to see who she ends up with. I personally was cheering for her childhood friend Gage the whole time. The other two, Dominic and Holden, have been her friends for a long time in the absence of Gage. Unfortunately, Rory's family has had too high of hopes that Rory and Dominic would get together, something that definitely will turn a teenage girl off. Holden, only recently started showing Rory his interest and he goes about it all wrong. He only pursues her after he's been drinking and is less than suave about it.

The underlying story though is about a mysterious person that kidnaps teenage girls. They eventually wash up on the beach many weeks and possibly months later. This serial killer seems to be stalking Rory. The possible reason is because his last victim, who is missing the entire story, looks a lot like Rory. No one has a clue who it is, except that six years ago, Rory was pretty sure she saw him getting ready to dump a body when she was playing hide and seek on a golf course. This nightmare has plagued her off and on, but now it has taken a scarier turn with the recent events. Will they find the killer? Will they find Lindsay, the missing girl, before it is too late? Who will win over Rory's heart? The author does a great job at leaving you guessing about all three outcomes until the very end. It was a great read.

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