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Broken Butterflies - Shadow Stephens Angels seem to be a topic that many people are really getting into reading about in the paranormal genre. Of course with angels comes their counterpart, demons. This book is full of both of them, but the primary focus is a love triangle of two angels and a human. Ilisha thought she was simply getting on train to go help her mother with her grandmother's funeral, but life has a funny way of not working the way we expect. When the train she is on crashes and she somehow survives, she finds that everything she once knew has changed. She discovers a world where everyone has a guardian angel, but those angels can abandon you if you don't live up to their standards. Her angel has been deeply in love with her her entire existence and knows exactly what to say to win her heart. You would expect that from someone that has watched you your entire life. Being that she had never met Bram, her guardian, before, she had no idea what lies he might be telling her or what information he simply was leaving out. Her world turns even more crazy when Damon, another angel shows up to lay his claim on her. While trying to sort out her feelings for these two gorgeous men, she finds that a people are out to kill her. How can life get any more complicated? Well, it does. You'll have to read just to see exactly how crazy it really gets. I liked this story. I like some of Shadow Stephens's other books more, but she is a wonderful author and worth following.

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